About Taciane

I am a visionary. I like seeing the big picture and helping others achieve their goals. With a bachelor’s degree in Media from UNSW, I’ve worked on many productions and roles. From scriptwriting to camera operator and editor. But I also enjoy using more analytical skill sets, gained in my marketing experience. This means that I can easily work with creatives and business-oriented people. I speak the different languages so that I can liaise between different stakeholders.

Speaking of languages, I love learning them. I am fluent in English (of course!) and Portuguese. I am also a student of French and German. My goal in life is to be fluent in at least 7 languages – one for every day of the week. I think learning languages has influenced my open-minded and outside of the box problem-solving approach to any challenge. The more I learn about a culture, the more places I can take ideas from. The more I learn about language, the more I see the world around us a puzzle ready to be studied.

My way of learning is by immersion. Squash is interesting? I just hired a court and started playing – it’s been a year and I don’t regret it. I want to learn German? I went and spent a semester studying in Hamburg. It is this curiosity and hands on approach that I use in any task I take on. I will read, research and learn all there is about a topic and subject, until it’s my obsession. I am full of life and motivated to learn something new every day.